Meet Owner & Vacation Designer, Tami Christensen

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Momentous Journeys

"We don't just book travel, we design experiences."

Hello friends! My name is Tami and I am the owner and creative mastermind behind the unforgettable vacations created here at Momentous Journeys. Welcome and thank you for stopping by and allowing me the opportunity to share a little bit about who I am and why coloring outside the lines is what I do best when it comes to designing my clients' vacations.

First things first, to set the stage here, let me briefly tell you where I came from and why I consider myself to be a vacation travel designer and anything but a travel agent. I have always loved the ever-changing world of travel and more than that, I've always loved being of service to others. Customer service is in deeply imbedded into my DNA and to go 'above and beyond' is the only way I've ever known to be. Every second of my professional life has been spent in travel, dating back to my first step into the arena with Delta Airlines in 1998. I've worked in nearly every facet of travel from airlines to hotel management to leisure storefront agencies and finally, big box corporate travel agencies. I accomplished and learned more than I could've ever hoped for, but something was desperately missing. After a two year sabbatical from the industry, as much as I tried to deny it, my heart and mind naturally gravitated to the only travel sector I've ever known and always loved: vacation travel. But simply booking everyday vacations was a stifling concept to me and I knew that I had an obligation to my experience and creativity, to take vacation planning to the next level.

While I loved vacation travel, I knew the only way I could allow myself to step foot back into the industry is if I could create a niche brand that was worlds apart from where I had ever been. It wasn't enough for me to book just any vacation; been there done that and have the tear stains of boredom to prove it. My creativity was locked up for years and I knew the only way to unlock and unleash it was to branch out on my own and build my own brand. So, with a handful of ideas, a lifetime of faith in God, zero clients to start with and one humongous prayer for tenacity and grit, Momentous Journeys was founded in 2012.

And now, almost 7 short years later, we have grown in ways that still, to this day, blow my mind. All I can possibly say with 100% certainty is that God is so good and I am so grateful.

With every luxury vacation I design, you can rest assured that every travel detail is accounted for. From reserving a town car to whisk you to the airport on the day of your flight, with ample time to arrive at your gate, to complimenting your vacation experience with private excursions and experiences all your own, to designing a suite experience upon arrival complete with flowers and champagne, I will personally handle the details on your behalf. I'm a sharp shooter, with flawless aim when it comes to the details that separate a great vacation from an exception one. Please take me to task on that and test me with the highest expectations you have; I will be sure to exceed.

From the most unforgettable family vacations that will effortlessly reveal the value of 'disconnect to reconnect', to the most romantic and luxurious 'adult only' vacations, lathered in exclusivity and intimacy, to hand-crafted private drive tours in the most historical countries in Europe, revealing the storyteller in you, as well as the many luxury vacation options in between, including ocean and river cruises and escorted tours, I would love to be invited to take a seat at the 'vacation planning' table alongside you.

​I look forward to personally working with and for you, and earning your trust as your personal travel designer for your upcoming vacation. Again, welcome to Momentous Journeys; prepare to be spoiled!